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Tamiris Moura

  • Chef at Home: £30.00 per hour

Chef Tamiris Moura is your passport to an exquisite blend of Italian culinary tradition and health-conscious gastronomy. With a passion for crafting indulgent yet nutritious dishes, Chef Tamiris brings a touch of elegance and well-being to your table.

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About me

I am a curious chef who likes to discover new flavours, textures and seeks. Learn about the history that all good food brings with it. I am a chef with a degree in Nutrition and a postgraduate degree in Gastronomy, specializing in fresh pasta and healthy foods. I’ve worked in kitchens of big companies and do events that bring unforgettable experiences to guests. Always open minded to suggestions on the menu, all event will be done with a lot of love, organization, hygiene and taste.

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Best food experience I could ever had..
I have tried the food and I could not get any better. I definitely recommend this service, it does what it says.

Date of experience: 07 November 2023

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Cris Dietz

Selma was amazing.
Selma was amazing! Her guidance and skills helped us deliver and amazing corporate event. She delivered great food and was very friendly. Thanks again:)

Date of experience: 07 November 2023

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On the 5th of November, I had guests at my home and wanted to provide them with a unique dining experience. I turned to 99chef and, luckily, I came across Selma, an amazing Brazilian chef. We enjoyed a Brazilian barbecue and delicious Brazilian beans, and all my guests absolutely loved it. I can’t recommend Selma enough.”

Thank you Selma
Mr. Lamparelli

Date of experience: 05 November 2023

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Louis Lamparelli

I booked Selma (99 chef) for my daughter’s birthday party.

She recommended the J Burger menu. It’s a great idea for a party event as she creates delicious mini burgers that are easy to eat.

She also has a great dessert menu, like milkshakes and cakes.

I also felt she was very easy going and helpful, she didn’t only cook and clean, but also helped with organising and serving. Great value.

Date of experience: 12 November 2023

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Shakir Hussain

Corporate event