Cover: Leandro Santos Photographer
Photo chef: Leandro Santos Photographer


Leandro Santos Photographer

  • Price: £80.00 per hour

11 years of experience in photography and 5 years in the area of Graphic Design.

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About me

Meet Leandro Santos, a passionate photographer whose lens captures the beauty of life in its myriad forms. With an artistic eye and a penchant for storytelling, Leandro’s work transcends mere images, evoking emotions and narratives with every frame. From captivating landscapes to intimate portraits, his portfolio reflects a deep connection to the world around him and a relentless pursuit of capturing moments that resonate. Through his lens, Leandro invites viewers to see the world through a new perspective, inviting them on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Join Leandro as he explores the beauty of light, shadow, and human experience, one photograph at a time.


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Best food experience I could ever had..
I have tried the food and I could not get any better. I definitely recommend this service, it does what it says.

Date of experience: 07 November 2023

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Cris Dietz

Selma was amazing.
Selma was amazing! Her guidance and skills helped us deliver and amazing corporate event. She delivered great food and was very friendly. Thanks again:)

Date of experience: 07 November 2023

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On the 5th of November, I had guests at my home and wanted to provide them with a unique dining experience. I turned to 99chef and, luckily, I came across Selma, an amazing Brazilian chef. We enjoyed a Brazilian barbecue and delicious Brazilian beans, and all my guests absolutely loved it. I can’t recommend Selma enough.”

Thank you Selma
Mr. Lamparelli

Date of experience: 05 November 2023

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Louis Lamparelli

I booked Selma (99 chef) for my daughter’s birthday party.

She recommended the J Burger menu. It’s a great idea for a party event as she creates delicious mini burgers that are easy to eat.

She also has a great dessert menu, like milkshakes and cakes.

I also felt she was very easy going and helpful, she didn’t only cook and clean, but also helped with organising and serving. Great value.

Date of experience: 12 November 2023

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Shakir Hussain

Corporate event